Hull to me is a fascinating place and with its ‘City of Culture’ status in 2017, it has certainly turned into one vibrant place.  I first visited the Fruit Market on a night out a few months ago with my “hubby to be” where we went for a few drinks and some food and we both felt that it was definitely the place to be.  With its quirky bars, galleries and vintage shops, its fun atmosphere makes you want to go back more and more, because as a ‘venue’ overall, it is definitely somewhere that you can chill and unwind.

We went back at the weekend on Saturday morning, just as it was waking up, with people going to grab a coffee and the art enthusiasts inviting people in to view new exhibitions.  It is important to support these places and so next time, will be another night adventure for us and no doubt some more shots for you to see!

Less than a 5 minute drive away, you then hit the old factories and the classic industry of Hull.  Having originated from Worcestershire, some of these buildings and roads reminded me of Birmingham - but without the Banksy that is now being shielded!  The noise of the factories were still blaring at the weekend and buildings that you would have thought to be abandoned are still in full working force.  For me, history is great to photograph and the more derelict looking the better. 

Wedding photographer visiting Hull

Wedding photographer and wedding stationery designer Hull graffiti

Wedding photographer and wedding stationery designer exploring old Hull factories

Wedding photographer exploring Hull's old factories