Wedding Photography Terms & Conditions

The Jasmine Cottage Studio reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.  All bookings are subject to the following terms and conditions set out here. 

Confirmation of Booking

Upon payment of your non-refundable booking fee, you automatically agree to the terms outlined and secure the exclusive photography services of The Jasmine Cottage Studio on your agreed date and allows The Jasmine Cottage Studio to begin the necessary preparation work for your wedding prior to your date.

Once the payment has been received, confirmation of said non-refundable payment and details of the remaining balance will be sent to you in the form of your payment acknowledgment (invoice documentation).  The remaining balance will be due 30 days prior to the date of the wedding.

Client's Guarantee

The Jasmine Cottage Studio understands that each wedding is unique and personal to each couple.  The Jasmine Cottage Studio guarantees the following for each wedding carried out:

  • At least one face-to-face pre-wedding consultation or  video-conferencing call (should location, availability & any other circumstances dictate) that is mutually agreed by both parties, where the wedding day will be discussed in detail to include, but not limited to, photography style and schedule
  • A personal service from The Jasmine Cottage Studio for each client with continuous communication
  • A dedicated online viewing platform will be available to the client up to 4 to 6 weeks (8 weeks in high season) after the wedding for them, their family and their friends to access
  • Photos to be professionally enhanced with a selection of both colour, and black & white, photographs at no additional cost
  • On the wedding day, for members of The Jasmine Cottage Studio (where to applicable) to arrive up to 45 minutes prior to the agreed venue with the client, unless otherwise specified by the client during the initial pre-wedding consultation(s), and for all parties to be dressed in appropriate working attire according to the event
  • To supply the best possible imagery where restrictions may be in place such as, but not limited to, registrar / ceremonial / venue guidelines, background distractions, technical faults, severe weather conditions etc.  On that basis, it is required for the client to obtain photographic permit conditions from their venue and registrar of any such imposed limitation and notify The Jasmine Cottage Studio as soon as possible

Cost Breakdown

Pre-Wedding| The Non-refundable Booking Fee up to the value of £125, plus additional monies where necessary, will cover the following:

  • Security of your wedding date; guaranteed exclusivity of the services provided by The Jasmine Cottage Studio on the day of your wedding
  • Production of a personalised client file, outlining all of their wedding day plans (for internal use only)
  • The Jasmine Cottage Studio's administration time prior to the wedding to include email / telephone / letter correspondence, invoice production & issue and general file management
  • Preparation of pre-wedding consultation(s) to include paperwork production, sample production, liaising with any other wedding suppliers (where applicable)
  • The pre-wedding consultation(s) to include time, travel (if applicable) and minute making, which a subsequent copy is then later produced and submitted to the couple
  • Wedding venue(s) site recce (where applicable)
  • Wedding schedule confirmation prior to client's wedding day
  • Preparation and purchase (where applicable) to include items such as batteries, memory cards etc.
  • Purchase of photography products (where applicable) as part of purchased wedding photography package by client

On the Day | Remaining balance will cover the following:

  • Travel to and from the venue(s) including parking fees, time and mileage
  • Photography set-up
  • Photography on the day

Post-Wedding | Remaining balance will cover the following:

  • Download of digital images and organisation
  • Fully enhanced photo edit to include taster collection edit for social media using photography professional software
  • Back-up of photographs
  • Production of private online photo gallery and shop
  • Production of photography products, such as USB Memory Sticks, albums, prints etc. based on the photography package purchased, as well as liaising with professional photographic laboratory where necessary
  • Postage and packaging of photography products
  • Photography archive and maintenance (12 month period only once online gallery has been delivered to the client)
  • Client follow-up

The Details

The Pre-Wedding Consultation

This will normally be scheduled up to two months prior to your wedding date, when convenient for both parties, and to take place at the home office of The Jasmine Cottage Studio preferably during a weekday / evening Monday to Friday or at a mutually agreed location suggested by either the client or The Jasmine Cottage Studio.  In the event of location, availability or any other restriction dictates, a video-conferencing call will take place instead.

During this session, the client will provide an outline of what they want from their wedding day and The Jasmine Cottage Studio will assist accordingly.  It is requested for the client to bring along with them an estimated schedule of their wedding day to allow The Jasmine Cottage Studio to assess the necessary logistical planning and timing of the day, as well as any photographic conditions imposed by the clients' wedding venue(s).  Without these (estimated) timeframes and restriction notifications, The Jasmine Cottage Studio cannot be held liable for a lack of photos at key points if these were not outlined at the time of the consultation. 

Closer to the date of the wedding, it is advised for the client to contact The Jasmine Cottage Studio to outline any changes of the details where each will be required to confirm these changes accordingly.  The Jasmine Cottage Studio always welcomes continuous communication between herself and the client from time of booking all the way through to the final days before the wedding date and would be happy to schedule a further face-to-face / video consultation if necessary.  Should any additional changes not be outlined, The Jasmine Cottage Studio cannot be held liable for a lack of photos at these points during the day. 

On the Day

Based on the discussions outlined during the pre-wedding consultation(s), it must be requested for the agreed schedule to be adhered to by both parties; the couple and The Jasmine Cottage Studio, as well as for the couple to ensure that at least two members of their wedding party assist in gathering guests for any group shots in order for photographs to be taken in a timely manner. For excellent photographic results, they will be taken with an enjoyable approach but still with a focused and professional attitude, with the main focus naturally being on the couple and so cooperation and a good relationship is essential for this.  On that basis, should there be a case of extreme lateness for example by the Bride arriving to the wedding venue, there cannot be the guarantee that all requested photos to be taken during this period, as well as any group shots throughout the day where assistance is not provided by members of the wedding party.  The Jasmine Cottage Studio is not aware of who each guest is and what they look like and so in order to keep with the natural flow and schedule of the day, it is essential for the assisted members to gather guests accordingly.  However, The Jasmine Cottage Studio will naturally do her very best to accommodate such circumstances if they were to arise.  Therefore, it is essential for everyone to be ready at their prearranged times.  

It is also natural that wedding guests will want to take their own photographs of this very special occasion.  On that basis, cooperation from the couple is requested and for The Jasmine Cottage Studio to be given precedence over guests to take photos when required and for this to be mutually agreed during the initial pre-wedding consultation(s).  Equally, in order to eliminate any confusion on the day, The Jasmine Cottage Studio is to be on the only professional photographer present unless otherwise agreed at the pre-wedding consultation(s) in writing from the couple (client).  

It is also the responsibility of the client to ensure appropriate behaviour of all guests and other suppliers at all times.  In the event should a member of The Jasmine Cottage Studio receive any unwelcoming behaviour from guests or other suppliers, it may be decided by The Jasmine Cottage Studio to terminate any further photography coverage and therefore shall be relieved of any remaining photographic duties but shall be entitled to retain the non-refundable deposit and any other monies received.  Therefore, the client agrees to relieve such duties and hold The Jasmine Cottage Studio harmless as a result of incomplete wedding photography coverage.


After the Event

Up to 6 weeks after the wedding date (8 weeks during busy periods / when The Jasmine Cottage Studio is on annual leave, which will be discussed in advance with the client), photographs will be uploaded as part of a dedicated viewing platform for the client, their family and friends to access.  The client will be able to download photos, as part of their agreed package.  However, should the gallery be shared with others, downloads are not prohibited unless purchased via the gallery store.  

The copyright of the photographs will remain with the photographer and therefore have exclusive right to use such images or material for marketing and display purposes, publication, competition and any other purposes, but not limited to, as determined by The Jasmine Cottage Studio.

The client therefore grants The Jasmine Cottage Studio and its legal representatives unlimited consent for all the clients' photos to be altered / edited and used for any such advertising purposes, including social media, without restriction and to have full copyright of the images.  The client hereby releases The Jasmine Cottage Studio and its legal representatives, heirs and assigns from all liability claims in connection with the photographs.

The Jasmine Cottage studio will only provide permission for copies to be granted only under the following conditions:

  • Photos taken by The Jasmine Cottage Studio are for personal use only by the client, their friends and their family with no further adjustments or editing.  Sharing on social media platforms, for example, is granted
  • No additional downloads to take place from The Jasmine Cottage Studio online viewing platform outside of their wedding package terms unless otherwise agreed
  •  Selling, publication or any other commercial use of the photographs is not allowed from the client, their friends and their family.  This may only be granted should The Jasmine Cottage Studio provide prior written consent to the client

Upon delivery of the photographic material to the client, such as a USB Memory Stick but not limited to, the client will be entirely responsible for their upkeep.  The Jasmine Cottage Studio will not be liable for any loss or damages made or should the items be stolen and should any event such as this occur, The Jasmine Cottage Studio will not be liable to reproduce or replace any such files and / or material months after their wedding date.   Equally, in the event of client separation or divorce of any point in time, The Jasmine Cottage Studio will not be liable to refund such photographic services or items.

The Jasmine Cottage Studio does impose working methods to prevent the loss or damage to the clients' images.  However, in the unlikely event that such images are stolen, lost or destroyed beyond The Jasmine Cottage Studio's control, liability is limited in these circumstances to the return of fees paid or part of, depending on the number of photographs already supplied to the client.

Photography Style

Upon signing this agreement, the client automatically agrees to the liking and photographic style performed by The Jasmine Cottage Studio.  No refunds or replacements shall be made on the basis of a dislike or dissatisfaction of such photography, and editing, style and therefore the client accepts that the style of photography provided is candid and documentary with minimal posed portraits.  All efforts will be made to honour specific requests, however, The Jasmine Cottage Studio will not be held responsible should any individuals not be photographed as it is advised to note not all guests like to be photographed.  In such cases, The Jasmine Cottage Studio will do her absolute best to accommodate such circumstances but will be held harmless if people are missing from the clients' photo collection.


Any post Event Goods such as albums, prints, memory sticks or additional downloads must be requested / ordered within 12 months of the Event.  The price of Goods may change in that time and the Photographer reserves the right to vary the price of Goods if suppliers increase their prices, should additional items be purchased that were not part of the original agreement / event package between the Client and The Jasmine Cottage Studio.

Where digital files for Images are provided, the Client is responsible for ensuring that the digital files are safely stored upon delivery or collection, and the Photographer is under no obligation to store or maintain copies of the digital files or Images for more than 12 months after the Event.


Liability Limitations

In the event that the photographer of The Jasmine Cottage Studio becomes ill or injured and/or cannot supply any or all of the photographic services agreed, a replacement photographer will be sought after by The Jasmine Cottage Studio.  Should a replacement photographer not be found, then liability is limited to a refund of any payments received, where work has not been carried out, to the client  resulting in all / remaining photographic services from The Jasmine Cottage Studio to be terminated. 

Postponement, Cancellation & No Receipt of Payment

Once the booking fee has been settled, the wedding can be cancelled by either party in writing or by email, subject to the matters set out in this clause.

Should The Jasmine Cottage Studio cancels their services within 14 days of the booking being made, the booking fee will be repaid to the client and no further sum or compensation will be payable to the client by The Jasmine Cottage Studio arising from such cancellation.

If the client cancels the services within the 14 days of entering into this agreement, then the booking fee shall be repaid in full to the client.

In the event that the client should cancel the photographic services of The Jasmine Cottage Studio, for whatever reason this may be, more than 14 days after entering this agreement , the booking fee is non-refundable and should other monies have been paid by the client for such services prior to their wedding date, maybe retained as liquidated damages along with any work carried out thus far, including administration, and not be deemed as a penalty.

In the event that the client should postpone their wedding date, upon availability of The Jasmine Cottage Studio, any monies paid will be automatically transferred to the clients' new date.  Please note an additional charge maybe incurred should the new date role over to the following year(s) at the discretion of The Jasmine Cottage Studio.  Should The Jasmine Cottage Studio not be available, the booking fee is non-refundable and other monies paid by the client maybe retained as liquidated damages along with any work carried out thus far, including administration, and not as a penalty.

In the event that the final payment, or any other mutually agreed payments not be received by the client by the time posed within this agreement and within your original payment acknowledgment (invoice documentation), The Jasmine Cottage Studio will not be required to provide any photography services and may terminate all services and retain the non-fundable booking fee along with any other monies paid as liquidated damages and not as a penalty.


General Disclaimer regarding Sparklers, Smoke Bombs, Fireworks, Water Pistols, Confetti (including Canons), Lights, Champagne Popping, but not limited to, is solely the responsibility of the couple, and NOT of The Jasmine Cottage Studio, and will be at the discretion of the venue should these items be allowed.  The Jasmine Cottage Studio can provide guidance and advice but takes absolutely no responsibility for anything that may happen whilst using, but not limited to, any of the elements mentioned in this disclaimer.  Please be careful when using such items; practice prior to your wedding day and proceed with caution. Always read any manufacturers guidelines and adhere to such instructions posed with such items, as well as adhere to the rules of the venue where such items are being used.  If the venue or the area or the people included for such photos are acting inappropriately and not in accordance to the health and safety regulations posed by the venue or by the manufacturers of such items and The Jasmine Cottage Studio feels it unsafe to continue, The Jasmine Cottage Studio has the right to refuse to take said photographs and will not be required to provide any further photography services and may terminate all services and retain the non-fundable booking fee along with any other monies paid as liquidated damages and not as a penalty.  All mentioned items make for wonderful photographs and remain as some of The Jasmine Cottage Studio's firm favourites of the day, however, all must be carried out safely where the client will be full responsible for themselves and their guests.

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